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Jack is a character on the Hulu original series Monsterland. She is portrayed by Charlotte Cabell and Vivian Cabell.

Jack is Toni's unruly daughter.

Season 1[]

Port Fourchon, LA[]

Jack fights her mother as she doesn't want to take a bath. So she washes her in the front yard, inside the kiddie pool. Before taking Jack to the babysitter’s, she reminds her of their conversation pertaining to scissors and how she shouldn't use them to hurt people. Jack is then dropped off at Denise’s.

Flashback to the evening of Jack’s birthday, where she met her father, Donny, for the first time. Donny asked about Toni’s grandma, who died last January after her heart gave out. He asked Toni if she needs money as he didn't have any and wasn't sure why she invited him over, but Toni insisted that’s not why she called. Jack had simply been asking about him. As the night came to an end, Jack refused to go to bed without taking a bath first, so Donny ran Jack a bath. Jack then starts to squirt Donny with her water gun even as he repeatedly told her to stop. He became enraged and slapped Jack unconscious and shoved Toni into the wall. When she comes to, Donny was gone and Jack was laying face down in the tub. Toni pulled her from the tub and performed CPR.

Present day, after biting the mailman, Denise drops Jack off at the diner where her mother works as she can no longer look after her. That night, Toni lays in bed with Jack and makes hand shadows until Jack falls asleep. Jack wakes back up and greets Alex, who Toni is allowing to stay for the night.

The following morning, Jack wakes up Toni as she sleeps on the couch. Jack tells her that there’s a lady in the house. Unbeknownst to Jack, the lady is Alex.


Season 1[]